Sunday, October 24, 2010


24 oct 2010

Nothing much about this post just a bit bout the starting of this new semester.

Just like before, still in the previous room with the same roommates.

Kaduk, kerol, nafiz , iman and me. Its oklah cuz not sooo crowded as before, they were 10 of us in this room. =)

The good news keeps on coming. The president of this college told us that there will be no more addition of new roommates until this semester ends. Well, it is a good news because we are some kind of bonded with each other since we’ve been together for about two years now =)

Tommorow is the big day. The most hated day by all cfs students .The registration systems here are soooo UNORGANISED!. Not to insult the a&r staff but it’s a well known fact!

Re-taking these two subjects , chem organic and calculus, I hope that I can

Strieve for the best by obtaining a solid ‘A’ for both subjects!.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

S E M B R E A K ! !


Date : 23 October 2010

Sem break 28sept – 25 oct

so,this semester break xdelah boring mcm past semester..maybe rasa boring sbb Xdpt smbung kerja kat TGV mcm past semesters sbb manager dya ckp ‘skrg staff ramai sgt “ N dye boleh hire aku untuk staff malam jek.

True,mmg staff mlm made bunch of money sbb lepas kul 12 dpt OT n staff mlm dapat allowance transport kedtgn tapi my responsibilities on my family n my 2little sisters lg besar so I decided not to work lah cmtuh sebab I have to fetch my sister from school n send them tu tuition & all that staff. So daily routine mmg cm full time housewife lah


Then, 12 October 2010 we all g ice skating kat sunway pyramid. The planner was Syamilah @ Mila. Last time mase g ice skating mase short sem xdelah ramai sgt.Just 4pairs. But this time,mila actually ajak her close friends through facebook!.hahah..friends who attended were mila , nana, farsh, dell, syaza , bell, shark, ain , kak wani, shy , nel, me, ditto, kerol , marwan , haziq , and afiq…so if my calculations are correct,there are 17 of them!.so mmg serious havoc lah!

Tyme snap nih,one of our friend dah balik (shaidatul nadia)

So masa skating tuh mmg best!. We (nana,kak wani,shy,shark,nel ,ditto,kerol, n me) masuk rink agak awal sbb mila n geng g makan dulu. Xctually ,the plan was skating then baru we all have lunch togehther2 tp sudden change of plans so lunch plan burnt!. I believed that there were misunderstanding that causing half of us start skating and the other half hav lunch first =)

[* shy, shark,kak wani, & nana]

mcm marah kat org yang snap pics (geng2 yang g makan dluw)

it’s harm

By 2.00pm ,sume geng da masuk rink.The guysas usual lah.X abis2 kacao/sakat the `bukan guys’….hahah =)

muke pengacau number 1: ditto be4 start kacau others.haha

We actually xkenal everybody dalam our group because it was our intentions to come & have fun ramai2 so Ain brought along few new friends to us.they were bell,syaza n shark and nel brought a new guy to the group,his capoe brother, marwan. The cool thing is our group nih ade budak2 1st year and also budak2 2nd year so


The organizer! The late comer!

A well prepared organizer (xctually mila langgar ditto so mila kac plaster =))

[Mila & ditto] [farsh & nel] [haziq]

[Mila] [farsh] [shark & syaza]

[Afiq , farsh , ain] [ditto , dell]

[kerol, marwan,me,haziq,ain, shark , bell][Dell , nel , bell]

[Nel] [me]

[Nana dell mila farsh n afiq] [Shark ain syaza bell]


[A few sec be4 jatuh beramai2] [ fresh faces be4 jatuh tergolek2]

[Shark & tong smph??]



So, basically we all had serious fun n laughter sbb skate2 pastuh jatuhkan orang laen.kalau x jatuhkan orang laen, gelakkan org laen jatuh..well,that’s our fun not hiaziq’s fun smm dye dpt skate hand-in-hand dgn awek mane tah (sbb budak tu x reti sk8)

Skate punyelah layan smpi berat nk kuar rink sbb kalau kuar,da x boleh,we all actually kluar rink pukul 4 then rushing g musolla for zohor then asar. The day x end there!

Peristiwa ticket !: haha..masa bayar ticket, nel bayar ticket i couldn't remember berapa inggit but masa bayar tuh,budak2 yang tumpang nel sume lari! Yg byr last2 aku,shark n nel jek.haha

[bukti peristiwa ticket]

Mase balik,we all ( me,nel,kerol,ditto,haziq n shark) balik naek limo nel (sbb naek ramai sgt) smpi ktm subang jaya.We had dinner @ kl central n then head back home.

Now,I can call it a day n definitely it was a cool hang-out!

p/s next trip?X taw lagi sebab ada yg dah grad n ada yang stil kat cfs(sobs3)

//= to mila! : sorry lari sikit dr schedule =P


~nur syamilah

~lokman hakim

~syazana shari

~kak syazwani

~shaidatul nadia

~ain aziz

~sharifah nur zakiah

~belina zulkifli

~haziq aizat

~shakira shukor

~khairul wahab

~marwan suhaimi

~afiq shahiran

~farisha elaina

~syukri dito


~ meor amirul =p

=====korg tgk gambar sape plg bnyk?hahah======