Sunday, October 24, 2010


24 oct 2010

Nothing much about this post just a bit bout the starting of this new semester.

Just like before, still in the previous room with the same roommates.

Kaduk, kerol, nafiz , iman and me. Its oklah cuz not sooo crowded as before, they were 10 of us in this room. =)

The good news keeps on coming. The president of this college told us that there will be no more addition of new roommates until this semester ends. Well, it is a good news because we are some kind of bonded with each other since we’ve been together for about two years now =)

Tommorow is the big day. The most hated day by all cfs students .The registration systems here are soooo UNORGANISED!. Not to insult the a&r staff but it’s a well known fact!

Re-taking these two subjects , chem organic and calculus, I hope that I can

Strieve for the best by obtaining a solid ‘A’ for both subjects!.


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adii said...

apsal tulis nama aku kaduk dowh~~~???