Monday, November 22, 2010

trio crossing path...PILOT-ENGINEER-ARCHITECT

crossing paths...mismatch..ape lg?

Future mmg ade plan for all of us kan tapi...when what we have,what we planned didn't work out like how it supposed to be, thats when we turned to ALLAH asking him for guidance and decission on what is the best for us...Yes.I'm currently finishing off my studies (foundation in engineering) but for this 2 years, i'm man enough to say that i never enjoyed what i'm doing...of course laaa salah satu sebabnyer mcm kadang2 aku terfikir aku nih ade art skills tp ambik engineering.but then lg skali aku fikir aku nih struggle gile through high skewl then tibe2 nk ambik artss.wth kn..
but after 2 years i realised. i'm repeating papers. didnt get good grades for my exam.and yet, it is just a foundation..belum masuk degree lagi and i can bet u that it is going to be tougher sooner or later...

3-4 days ago i had a fight with one of my good all started sbb aku ckp aku nk tuka course into archi and dye cm kindda demand suh aku persue engineering.well fren, aku taw mayb u're right tapi whats the point of working like hell and yet i am not enjoying what i am doing kan..whats the point? so that fight was initiated by a very3 stupid issue...

Dari kecik, specifically since aku 5-6 tahun, aku x pernah lepaskan cite nak jadi pilot.ive been 'researching' bout it since then. aku suke tgk aeroplane, aku suke buku2 bout aeroplane and stuffs and aku suke ushar website nih airliners .. so masa aku habis spm, kalau nak masuk pilot tuh aku rase there shouldnt be any problem tp my parents x beberapa mengizinkan sbb dye nak aku atleast have a scroll of degree dluw. so my mum suggested y not aku ambik engineering sbb engineering habis blaja cepat instead of archi sbb archi cm lama skit. so , aku pon ambik laa engineering n start of ngn foundation nih kat cfsIIUM... tapi sekarang as i grw older, i learnt that its not about doing things for others/them but its all about doing them a favour and still, enjoy those little things..

so, ive decided nak tukar course. maybe mcm da terlambat sikit tp, ...better late thn never kan.
can't wait to finish off my foundation nih so that i can start a new chapter of my life in architecture....the one showed by ALLAH through my istikharah to...

p/s ; to 'my fren', i hope theese explains things.if it does. if it doesn't, then aku rase we shouldn't be friends anymore..ingt ckp org tue.. 'berat mate memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul'

in life, we can never get EVERYTHING we want.
we must learn how to choose , decide and think a step ahead about the consequences of our decissions..
thus making us more mature then who we are yestreday
~meor 25/11~


MiSS FaZuMiEY said...

weyhhh.. asal x amek aerospace je kalo ko mnat aeroplane sume tuh ?

MiSS FaZuMiEY said...

xpe la !neway ,, aku support ko ! bt ape yg ko minat k ! chayok2 meor ! :)

miler said...

eh, ko btol2 tuka aed ker??

atiey_ika said...

I was here!! hehe..

do what u'r really into will satisfy urself.. n its good for u... =)