Thursday, May 5, 2011

1st time operation /surgery

nk share sikit experience yg MENARIKK =)

da lama sgt x on fb lagi2 blog nih sbb last week, 6 days kat hospital
warded sebab ade somekind of bacterial infections yang can be fatal.

knp aku ckp fatal?
sbb before aq admitted, my doctor tu ade handle patient same infection as mine
bacterial infections (unknown bacteria)
her internal organs were infected so she passed away sbb internal organs failures.
so, doctor da try varieties of antibiotics for me and aq x ingt ape tp last2 doctor kasi
the most powerful antibiotics. mase injected, kebas 1 tangan.
everyday pagi and petang kena.
xingt nama dia. nk sebut pon x reti =(

enough bout that. nk story pasal operation sebenarnye =)
i had hearing difficulties( probable cause is very high body temp)
so i schedule an appointment dgn ENT SPECIALIST.
he examines my ears nose and trachea and masa check my nose, ade somekind of blockage.
*seriously painfull masa check sbb masuk camera kat dlm nose*
macam nih...

then , doctor tu nk diagnose the blockage sbb dye st unsual.
1st operation was last saturday (to diagnose and ambik sample of the blockage)
and after diagnosed, kalau x cancerous, then the doctor will remove
EVERYTHING tapi kalau cancerous,

so ape yg interesting was,
doctor asked wheather i want to be concious or unconcious throughout
the operation?

so, yg MENARIK SGT was masa masuk OT(operation theatre),
anesthetist tu suruh aq breathe pakai oxygen mask,

and seingat aku,
aq nafas 2kali je lepas tuh terus unconcious sbb affect
general anaesthesia tuh.
mase bangun je, everything da settle. i was so amazed dgn GA tu funtioned...
so damn powerfull!
jakunn. tp believe me.kalau korg experience bende nih,
korang pon jakun jugak kot =P

tp bila da regain conciousness, loya rasa nk muntah laa sbb GA tuh and approximately
6hours baru betul2 hilang rasa loya tu (nurse tu ckp)

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