Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Beginning

yess. Alhamdulillah. i intended to share my little experience here
but i know its kindda late but who cares? :D

its a date yes its a date. i left for UK to further my degree in Mechanical engineering here in University of Sunderland.


we had a family dinner before off to the aiport :)

unlike others ,
i didnt have the time to enjoy the 'enthusiastic' feeling cuz i was too busy with raya!(didnt really managed to tidy up my room and car too! im sorry!:D)
before i left,
i managed to spend sometimes with my loved ones at the airpot and again, thankyou soooo much for the farewell. hope to soo you guys soon. insyaallah ;)

me with abah n enda

with maklong endayang mama ninda abahti and enda

with the whole family. <3

with abahti endayang and ninda

thanks to all (sorry x semua pics okay T_T)

and many thanks to my dormates :)

and yes. please. no comments needed. these are my luggages :P

don't ask!
i love to get 'orange-wasted' when im flying.since i was small. LOL

my flight bound to Newcastle via Dubai

it's my third time flying over the skies of Dubai. idk why but i simply love it!


Arrived at Newcastle International airport a bit early than expected. half an hour early
but still, our friend had to wait for about 2 hours for us
cuz the queue at the immigration was like *#@&!

welcome to Northern England :)

and guys, meet my new housemate. aiman azlan

lunch with my beloved Enda @Colmans, South Shields

had serious trouble in finishing everything off.=_='

guys, meet the cool ppl of Sunderland
(midnight groceries shopping @Asda)

on our way to factory outlet stores at York

Sunderland's mosque

pardon me. haha. i bought that teddy for my little sis, Aqilah. :)

futsall with malaysians @ city campus Uni of Sunderland

well, yes. my mum accompany me till here. jalan2 sekali. hehe
thankyou so much ;)

and yeah.
thats it. pretty much of what we did on our first week here in Sunderland.

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