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our 'LITTLE' journey

yeah guys. this time i wanna share this 'little ' journey of mine with you guys (:
nk baca, baca, xnk baca, click 'next' :)

now tengah second week on my winter break (3weeks) starting 16dec2011

well, since dah bosan cuz mati kutu kat Sunderland nih, i planned a quick getaway(5days ,4nights) down south with some friends in  London (the main intention were to pay a visit my uncle and my new-born twin cousins) but well, its not a crime to wonder around since dah sampai London kan? :D

1st  day in London
i left Sunderland at 7.20am and reach London at 2pm and waited for my friend from Glamorgan , Wales  which should be arriving half an hour after my arrival but his bus was delayed and he arrived at 3.15pm.  So guys, just to let you guys know, we didnt plan a single trip/visit here.  mmg rg panggil bidang terjun!
you guys imagine.
 when we exit Victoria Coach Station, da around 4pm and it was already dark.
if nk terus balik rumah member, mmg dpt penat jelaa trip sampai 7jam so we walked all the way to Buckingham Palace.

 yes agak x berapa best cuz da gelap but hey, da sampai kan ? :)
so, after snapping a 'FEW' pics, kiteorg pon head back to Victoria Station nak get a tube and head to Syabil's friend's place.
*backpackers.apeadehal.asal ada tempat mandi solat n charge je *
*guys, meet billy *

so we took a tube and DLR to get to syabil's friend's place.
he live in the student hostel at his uni, University of East London (UEL)

err first, what i like about this place is his room is overlooking London City Airport and river Thames is the only thing that separates them .
sumpah i love this place.

yeah lupa nk intro, syabil's friend ni nama dia Muhammad @ Moe :D
he's a cool guy and easy going.
Moe bwk jalan2 and then malam tu , Syabil and  Moe's friend dtg nk lepak with us and
bwk some food!
im not sure yg her cooking mmg sedap ke kiteorg mmg lapar, tp i think its both kot. :)
she is Raihanna @ Rai.

here comes the fun.
on the second day here (21st Dec)
Sincle Moe ada programming paper, me n syabil leave without him and kiteorg planned to meet up with him and Rai somewhere in the evening.

first, yeahhh. *tunjuk sikit lesen besar*

terpaksa beli whole day tix for tube and buses. it cost us  £7each.

then we head to Elephant and Castle to meet up with another Syabil's friend, Din. :)

he's from Glamorgan jugak. sama dgn Syabil
(yeah dont ask, semua syabil punya kawan oke)
then all three of us make our way to Picadilly Circus.

while Billy and Din pergi Liliwhites tgk jerseys, tracks and snickers, i spent sometimes
alone tengok some show conducted at the heart of Picadilly circus.
Next, kteorang sambung berjalan  ke Trafalgar square and then Chelsea Stadium at Stamford Bridge.
by the time nk gerak form Chelsea, da already gelap. so , as planned, kiteorg
head back to the Centre to meet up with Moe and Rai at the Marble Arch.

Malaysia hall was our next stop.
our stop for dinner that day :)   yeah we met lotsa malaysian students there and ada org
(Rai, bukan nama sebenar) reminiscing her father's office there at the Masduke building.
after dinnner, kiteorg heads back to Trafalgar sq ingtkn ada anything
interesting malam2 but it turns down our hopes :(. nothing pn
so kiteorg pn head up to Hyde Park cuz ada winter wonderland there.
i have to admit it, xde la grand sgt, even fun fair biasa2 kat malaysia pn lagi best tapi
just accept je laa tempat orang kan.
and we all naik this ride

okay not all of us la. hehehe.billy x naik! LOL.
ater those rides, Moe bwk kiteorg jenjalan kat Soho. x taw pn ada ape kat situ but
follow jelaa cuz Moe and Rai ni Londoners kan. hehehe.

3rd day in London
yeah. on the third day, hurm. haa. yeah. xyah tanye laa sape paling susah nk bangun.
(mesti sbb penangan sleeping bag from Wales kn Billy)

so pagi ni we all starts our journey at 12noon.okay jugak billy bangun lambat. sng jama' terus zohor asar :)

kiteorg travels back to Victoria Station sbb nk jumpa Dunnet and Din.

intro2. Dunnet ni my uia friend + syabil's friend.again. =_='
so lepas buat reunion tu, kiteorg(excluding Rai) heads all the way up to Arsenal, Emirates Stadium.

after visiting Arsenal stadium, kiteorg planned nk g Tottenham stadium pulak but kiteorg how these fanatics@ hooligans nih act when we ask about their all-time rival team.
dekat arsenal station, kiteorg unsure on how to get to Tottenham stadium so we asked someone there. pergh
muka dia terus berubah. damnnit. naseb baik sempat cover kalau x, knform masuk paper !!
*** 5pelajar Malaysia dibelasah teruk di Arsenal***
 so jalan punya jalan sampailah kat Tottenham stadium. i have to admit it guys, agak frustrating jugaklah sbb stadium dia pathetic gila..stadium kuantan better lagi kot.
so, after all that hastle, kiteorg head back to city centre sbb nk tuka another line to get to Camden town.
fyi, Camden town nih tempat if nk shop for souvenirs :)....
 after penat jalan, Moe took us to a stall more like hawker stall there.the foods there are halal and you can take up to 8lauk for 4pounds only .tambah pulak owner tu chinese-malaysian so dpt free drinks. :)

lepas dinner, we all stop and splits up at westminter station sbb Moe and Billy balik terus sbb penat while me and dunner sambung jalan.
i love Londons view during night time tapi sad cuz didnt manage to get those spectacular pics.
if adaDSLr, cnfirm xde hal.

then saja2 masuk Harrods sekejap sbb since dah sampai. hehe. and then me and dunnet pergi supercars haunting.hahha.

4th day in London
haaaaaaaaaaaa. harini mmg hari aku plg !@#$@%^&*^%$^&*%^$ sekaliiii

i planned to sampai my uncle's place @ Ealing broadway by 11 am .
 i woke up at 8.30am and hs been trying to wakes billy and Moe up. 
naseb baik dunnet bangun awal. so me and dunnet sempat snap a few pics ber-backgroundkan
airport since we both are plane lovers. LOL. 

kul 11 baru diorang bangun. grrrr. kesian uncle putrasha. last2 kul 11.20 baru bertolak from cyprus .
sampai2 Ealing da kul 12.50 and terus ikut uncle rushing kejar firday prayer.
ni twin daughter uncle. 
khairunnisa and khairunnajah :)


again, thnx for having us..
we had to leave early cuz we were on tight shcedule nk pergi Royal Brunei
ticketing office. nk beli ticket balik for next year but then, dorg tutup for christmas holiday 

so , mmg luck was on Moe's side. he really wanted to visit the Museum if National history
so there. the museum is right infront of the Royal Brunei office.
p/s : free entrance ppl! :D
after the museum, we all pergi Oxford circus balik
(Moe nk beli souvenirs + biscuits for his mom at Marks and Spencer).
then, our last stop was Asda, hahha. sbb nk beli brg . me, billy and Rai prepares dinner .after all, it was our our last night there.

Moe's busy packing masa three of us cooking :)
after makan,all 4 of us duduk kat kitchen.chit chatting on those good old days :)
p/s : billy, Rai and Moe skolah agama weyh dulu! hahah:DDDD

lepas chit chat, kiteorg pn open table.just playing cards,. bigTwo. empty hands guys.
it was Rai's first time play cards so kiteorg guide lah dia main and she's a quick learner.
we all played cards till morning.
i was treasuring our last night together with those awesome people!
and its kindda unfair cuz billy and rai kindda gang-up. hahaha.

5th day in London (last day )  ;(
we woke up at 8.30am and siap2 packing and had some breakfast bfore gerak .
yeah. i balik Sunderland, Billy balik Glamorgan, Moe balik malaysia and Rai balik EastHam.
err hehe after breakfast, sempat lagi main 2 games of bigTwo.hehe. kesian kat Rai cuz nnt dia xde kwn nk main big2 lagi. we all boleh je main dgn housemates. hehe. 


so then, we all head to Victoria Station together.
SUMPAH SEDIH TIME TU sbb nk split up.
well , at first, Moe left. then Rai.
so tinggal me and billy, billy leaves an hour prior me. so agak sedih laa an hour alone there sbb semua org dah balik. :(
all the way balik sunderland, i was struggling to keep myself together cuz im not event home in Sunderland yet but i missed them already.
i've never met anyone like them. baru kenal but then semua easy going and sekepala.
through out this trip, bende yg paling BEST  were the opportunity of KNOWING YOU GUYS :)


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Wohh cool gile !

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