Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beauty of Islam


when i was small, masa pergi raya ( we all selalu rent apartment dulu2 kat cameron time raya with the whole family ,uncles, aunties, cousins etc etc ) so bila stay there, cnfirm2 pakai pinggan mangkuk yg dah memang ada..

so masa tu, i was small and x berapa nk faham ape tujuan and sebab nk menyamak pinggan mangkuk.
when i saw my dad basuh pinggan dengan air + tanah , aku rse cm geli and i keep asking my dad why buat cmtu, kotor kott.
so my dad explained and explained tp aku pn x berapa nk faham kan.
so smpai everytime nk pakai pinggan mangkuk yang dah kene basuh dgn tanah tu aku geli.

as i grew older, i learnt why we have to samak those things. pinggan mangkuk, cawan, kuali , forks, spooons semua tuh .

as we all know, (just nk sharing) if ade bekas babi there, they have somekind of germs yang xkn jatuh dgn sendirinya from kulit,flesh, and it is harmfull (thats what i understand lah) so if we 'neutralised' it by 'contacting ' it with soil + water , then only germ tu akan jatuh. so samak ni actually memang tujuang pembersihan and penyucian so there should be no reason why we should feel geli ke ape if nk samak things. :)

that's the beauty of islam. islam thought us how to samak and indirectly , its a method to prevent ourselves from getting infected by those harmfull germs.
wallahualam :)

just sharing ^_^