Friday, June 17, 2011

on hold.. AGAIN


I'm a lil frustrated cuz ive called them to find out more regarding my application.
supposedly, the offer shld be readdy sometime in early june and then they said my application just recently submitted by their panels from malaysia so they asked me to give them time to process the application. approximately 2 weeks. i said okayy

i called them last friday to keep up with it where supposedly it shld be ready.but its not.their
excuse were the tutor in-charge to my application is currently on business leave'
and they told me to get back to them on next friday (today)

so i called them again today and they said that the results are not out cuz the tutor is unavailable.

i am a frustrated because being left onhold like this and on specifically on these kind of things are
killing me and make my stomach sick every single day.

well, what more can i say. i really hope that it'll turn out well and i'll be selected.

i was told to get back to them on monday. pray for me guys