Sunday, August 28, 2011

IFTAR ex-georgian

27/9/2011 @ 27 ramadhan 2011
city park oriental restaurant

nk story sikit pasal iftar tadi. mayb for others, cm ala, bese la tu iftar dgn member2.
well, this time its different sbb kindda like a small reunion. =)

yes, xramai tapi it was worth it. sbb kalau ramai, da kene split tables. xbest =( ade among them ni, aq x jumpa since i left kgv in it was nice meeting them again after sometime.. andi, faris, ainuddin,firdaus,nun, fasha, zatie, ain, kirin, awin , and effah. thnx guys.=) and thnx fr the little farewell for me and nun =) till next time. once a georgians, always a georgians

souvenir =)

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