Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my gf buat hal.. =(

1st! gf = my laptop ye puan-puan n tuan-tuan =)

petang semalam as usual, after class kitorang mmg always maen cs for about half an hour just nk release tension from class. when i tried to switch on my laptop, dye x nyala.all the buttons kat keyboar, on/off switch punye lights, power lights, sumer onn tapi screen x menyala..
seriously aku cm da panic gile cuz aq syg laptop nih gile2. adiah SPM dluw kot..

then i asked abdillah on what could be the causes.
he said ade 3 possibilities.
i) motherboard rosak
ii) RAM terbakar
iii) hard-disk rosak

ismail pulak ckp mayb screen punye ribbon rosak..

so yesterday kan pasar malam day, aq mail n iba lari jap g digital mall.
niat asal g digital mall sbb mail nk carik fan lappy and iba nk carik dvd-r.while dorang wondering around carik their stuffs, i went n asked bout my lappy punye problem kat afew shops..
they all came up with 'motherboard rosak'.. im not a computer expert tp WTH kn.kalau motherbpard rosak, confirm2 all these lights kat keyboard won't lights up when i switch my lappy on kan..

so last night, my dear computer expert friend nih ( abdillah) bukak my lappy nih, took out the hard disk n tengok2 kat slot RAM and motherboard and then we pasang everything balik.
then onn2 pon still x boleh. so i kindda giv up. da siap called my mum bgtaw sumer.
malam tu around 10-11 cmtuh, i tried again n suprisingly it switched on as normal! alhamdulillah..
then abdillah suruh restart n i restart it then BSOD. then restart lg skli then it functioned normally.
untill now, alhamdulillah everything is okay..


napeace™ said...

eh eh baru perasan laptop kau dah okay.haha
suka ahh tu!

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